Why your company should be on LinkedIn

Why your company should be on LinkedIn


Networking, engaging with professionals and potential customers, informing, building new strategic relationships – this is what a company should do. Due to the overwhelming mass of irrelevant and promotional information many people do not want to get into contact with many businesses anymore. However, if the provided information is interesting and important, people and businesses are willing to start interacting with companies and even build up a trustworthy and long lasting relationship. But why is LinkedIn so important for that?

LinkedIn is a huge network platform, which enables professionals to connect and communicate, while also allowing companies to get into contact and interact with professionals and the other way around. Just consider a few of these impressive facts: LinkedIn has more than 450 million users and reaches around 200 countries and territories. Every second two new users sign up to LinkedIn. Not only professionals are on LinkedIn – more than 40 million students and college graduates are already using this network and this number is increasing very fast. Therefore, LinkedIn is an important platform your company cannot afford to ignore. But how can your company use LinkedIn to its advantage?

More and more professionals spend their time on LinkedIn, either informing themselves about the recent news or staying in contact with other professionals and improving business relationships. This is where your business should start to build up their network with professionals all over the world.  However, having a LinkedIn company page means a lot of work for your company. Your LinkedIn company page must include relevant and interesting information on your business, such as products and services but also share insights in the structure of your company, raise awareness of your brand, and of course promote job opportunities. Due to the continuing increase of professionals’ and graduates’ profiles, LinkedIn is an important tool in recruiting new employees and attracting top talents. It is quite common that the HR department of a company searches over business networks for suitable candidates and immediately gets into contact with them. Another aspect which you should consider is that by promoting your company, the overall interest of users increases, which also leads to them wanting to learn more about your company – information which they will find on your corporate website or your content on your company´s LinkedIn profile. That is why, LinkedIn is a good possibility to attract people to your company and improve the traffic to your company page. Additionally, an optimized LinkedIn company page increases the search results of your brand. Therefore, you must use relevant keywords in your page description, include links to your website and other social media channels, and upload as much company information as you can. This will help to rise your rank in search engines. Altogether, this should sound very appealing to you and your business. So, do not waste another minute and get started. Remember, every second LinkedIn gets two new users and by waiting you are going to miss out on the opportunity to interact with these professionals or potential job candidates.


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